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Client | Graeme Seabrook
Owner and Writer of PostPartumMama.org

Graeme advocates for mental health awareness, especially as it pertains to motherhood and postpartum depression. One of her biggest platforms is informing women and moms about the need for self care. As such, she thought up the #SelfCareSquad campaign and called on me to make the graphics she envisioned. After tossing around some ideas in our consultation, she came up with three major areas of self care: Relax, Recharge, and Create. After she approved the colors and feel of the inspiration board, I made three custom icons for each of the three self care areas. Graeme is currently in the process of building a Red Bubble shop where you can buy #SelfCareSquad t-shirts and other goods.

Visit: PostPartumMama.org | Coming Soon: Graeme's RedBubble Shop.